Path to Distinction

Goldfarb School of Nursing is uniquely positioned to increase our impact on health care. Over the next five years, we intend to build on our strengths to become a nationally recognized school and better meet the needs of students and the future workforce.

Strategic Goals 2021–2026

The need for nurses is enormous. Forward thinking education must be created while addressing community disparities.

Quality of Preparation

Prepare students in a diverse, academically rigorous environment by continually evolving teaching techniques and models to ensure innovative content is delivered effectively and in ways suited to students' needs and learning styles

Community Engagement

Address health disparities in the St. Louis region by aligning with the BJC community health improvement effort while focusing on critical health needs and disparities for maximum impact

Research & Scholarship

Establish Goldfarb as a national leader in nursing research and scholarship by recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding leaders and faculty in support of an integrated research model creating distinctive research strengths

Foundations for Implementation

As teams developed the objectives and thought through the initiatives that would drive progress forward, several themes emerged across goals. These are considered critical success factors. To ensure effective implementation and long-term sustainability, these foundational drivers will operationalize the vision of the Path to Distinction.

  • An unceasing drive for diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Strong and mutually supportive partnerships and collaboration
  • Clear operational structure
  • Financial discipline
  • Institutional advancement
  • Philanthropic support

Imagine What’s Next

Goldfarb School of Nursing can make a significant difference
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