Loan Repayment

Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College works with its students and alumni in loan repayment. Below offers additional information and resources about loan repayment.


Student Loan Repayment

Please use the information below to determine where to send your student loan payment(s): — Students can access this website to review their Federal Student Aid history and their current loan servicer (who is holding your loan/where payments go).

Depending on when your loan was issued, your loan servicer may be one of these companies. If after reviewing your NSLDS loan history, you do not see your loan servicer and need additional information, please contact our financial aid office.

Student loan repayment plans and calculators — Please access this website to be informed of your student loan obligations and repayment options.

Student Loan Consolidation

When you consolidate loans, you combine several student or parent loans into one bigger loan from a single lender to pay off the balances on other loans. This provides you with an opportunity to make monthly payments more manageable and can sometimes offer you alternative repayment plans.

Federal Direct Student Loan Consolidation

When your Federal Stafford loans go into repayment, you can choose to consolidate these loans. The reason to consolidate might be that you have been assigned two different federal servicers (agencies/companies who will be setting up and receiving your payments). Some of these companies/agencies include EdFinancial, MOHELA, Nelnet and others.

Generally, your loans will go into repayment or into a grace period when you graduate or drop below half-time enrollment. You are only eligible for one full six-month grace period and, if you have used this previously, your loans will immediately go into repayment upon graduation or less than half-time enrollment. You can apply for consolidation of your federal student loans on Sign in to the website with your FSA ID and password and choose “direct consolidation loan applications,” to apply online.

Make sure that all of your federal Direct Student Loans are included in the consolidation so that you only have one repayment amount per month. Please click on the National Student Loan Data System above to review all of your federal Stafford loans.

REMEMBER: Consolidation of Direct Student Loans is free. No federal loan servicer will ask you to pay a fee to consolidate.


Private Student Loan Refinance

Private alternative student loans usually cannot be consolidated with your federal student loans and, if possible, may not be advantageous since you would lose your federal loan borrower benefits such as forbearance and choices of repayment plans. If you have several private student loans from several lenders, you can consolidate to get a better rate, change from variable to fixed and/or have only one repayment per month. Many of our alumns have pursued a private loan refinance to better manage their repayment with a different interest rate, repayment terms, etc. Please use our Preferred List of Private Refinance Lenders to explore options available. 

If you have a Direct Stafford Loan Consolidation and a Private Student Loan Consolidation/Refinance, you will have two different repayments per month.

Helpful Links

Health Professional and Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP) This loan repayment application is open to Missouri residents who are dedicated to working in an underserved area for at least 2 years. The application is open January 1-March 1.

HRSA Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program This program assists you in repaying your loans in exchange for a service commitment. Click the comparison guide for information detailing the differences in the HRSA repayment programs.

National Health Service Corp Loan Repayment Program This program assists you in repaying your loans in exchange for a service commitment (Nurse Practitioners only).

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program This program assists borrowers who are employed in a qualified public service occupation to have some of their loan balance forgiven. Please click the link for more information.