COVID-19 & Influenza Vaccinations


COVID-19 Vaccination

As a part of the admissions process and per the BJC Employee Immunization Policy, new students beginning their program of study and all enrolled GSON nursing students must document the completion of COVID-19 vaccination no later than 15 days prior to the start of the term and be compliant 45 days after the beginning of the term. This information must be uploaded into CastleBranch showing that complete COVID-19 vaccination has taken place.

Influenza (flu) Vaccination

Influenza (flu) vaccination is mandatory for new and enrolled GSON nursing students.  For students beginning their program of study in the fall term, documentation of vaccination is required at the time of admission.  For students beginning their programs of study in the spring or summer term, note that flu vaccination is required in the fall term (during flu season).  Again, it is a requirement for all GSON nursing students to take the flu vaccine in their first fall term and each fall term of their enrollment.


Students seeking a medical exemption or religious accommodation must submit documentation for their exemption/accommodation of the COVID-19 or Influenza vaccination. The links below are to the religious and medical exemption/accommodation forms for COVID and Influenza vaccinations. Depending upon which request is being submitted, the individual document states where to email the request.

  Note:  Goldfarb nursing students are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccinations via BJC Clinics or other community vaccination sites.