Bachelor’s Degree

Education at the baccalaureate level (BSN) prepares students to care for patients and families in hospitals as well as in the community and a variety of other settings.

Next Start Date: September 3, 2024


Our Bachelor's Degree Options

To help you achieve your nursing degree, we offer three different Bachelor's degree options.


Upper Division

This option is for students who have completed their first two years of education at an accredited institution.

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The accelerated nature of this option ensures our students make the transition from education to practice faster.

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Weekend / Evening

The weekend/evening option is designed for busy individuals who are wanting to achieve their BSN, but have completed all prerequisites.

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BSN Degree Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the BSN program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Integrate, translate, and apply nursing and foundational knowledge from other disciplines, including liberal arts and natural and social sciences into professional nursing practice.   

  • Deliver holistic, person-centered care that is individualized, just, respectful, compassionate, coordinated, evidence-based, and developmentally appropriate across diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. 

  • Collaborate with traditional and non-traditional community partners from public health, industry, academia, health care, government entities, and others to engage in health promotion and disease prevention to support equitable health outcomes among diverse and underserved populations. 

  • Translate, synthesize, and apply nursing knowledge to use best evidence to improve health. 

  • Employ established and emerging principles of quality, safety and improvement science as core values of nursing practice, to minimize risk of harm to patients and providers through both system effectiveness and individual performance. 

  • Collaborate across professions with team members, patients, families, communities, and other stakeholders to optimize care, enhance the healthcare experience, and promote equitable outcomes. 

  • Work within complex systems of health care to proactively coordinate resources to provide safe, quality, and equitable care to diverse populations. 

  • Use Informatics and health care technologies to support professional nursing decision making and manage and improve the delivery of safe, high-quality, and efficient healthcare services in accordance with best practice and professional and regulatory standards. 

  • Cultivate a sustainable professional identity centered through the nursing lens, inclusive of accountability, a social justice perspective, collaborative disposition, and behavior that reflects nursing’s characteristics and values. 

  • Model a commitment to life-long learning through self-reflection, personal growth, and resilience, to maintain wellbeing and continued development of leadership and nursing expertise.

  • Graduation from the prelicensure program does not guarantee NCLEX success. 

How to Apply

Apply online today! You can also contact the admissions department by email at [email protected] or by calling 314.454.7055 or 800.832.9009.