For students graduating from Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing, how to apply for graduation and important information regarding degree conferral and honors is available here. You will also find information about the commencement ceremony and other commencement activities.


Summer 2024 Graduation and Commencement Details

Graduation is the process by which the institution has confirmed all requirements have been met for the credential pursued and confers that degree or certificate.  Commencement is a celebratory ceremony to recognize graduating students and their achievements.  Goldfarb hosts a commencement ceremony three times a year after each term. 

Important Dates: 

  • August 16, 2024  – Commencement Ceremony at 9:30AM at Stifel Theatre 
  • August 23, 2024 – Degree or Certificate Conferral Date (Graduation Date on Transcript) 

Graduation Application

Each graduate is required to complete a graduation application regardless of whether or not you plan to attend commencement.  This allows the Registrar’s office to complete a degree audit and confirm all requirements are met for graduation.  This also allows you to specify the address you want your diploma or certificate sent and how you want your name to be displayed on your diploma or certificate.  There is a $125 non-refundable graduation fee that is applied for all graduates.  The graduation application can be found in your student portal in Banner Self-Service. The deadline to apply for Summer 2024 graduation is July 19, 2024.  

Commencement Regalia

Regalia is the term used for the cap and gown you will wear in the commencement ceremony.  If you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, the deadline to order standard regalia July 25, 2024. Click here to order standard regalia from Jostens.  The cost of regalia is covered by the graduation fee that was charged to your student account; no payment is due with your standard regalia order. BSN graduates can purchase an optional stole or cord from Jostens for an additional fee.

Commencement Ceremony on August 16, 2024

When: 9:30 a.m. on August 16, 2024 

Where: Stifel Theatre, 1400 Market Street, St. Louis, MO 


         Commencement RSVP and Survey form

  • Whether you plan to attend the commencement ceremony or not, please complete the Commencement RSVP and Survey form by July 19, 2024
  • Parking will be available in the Kiel parking lot at $2/hr. Metered street parking is also an option where available.  Click here to view a parking map.  

  • Graduates are to enter Stifel Theatre at the east lobby entrance (the far east doors facing Market Street, closest to S. 14th Street) between 8:00-9:00 a.m., then proceed to the Peabody Lounge to check-in. Line-up begins at 9:00 a.m. 
  • Family and friends enter through the main front doors of the theater. They may arrive any time after 8:30 a.m. and will be admitted to the auditorium at 9:00 a.m. 
  • Please be advised that there will be no provision for the safekeeping of personal belongings during the commencement ceremony. Students are encouraged to entrust their valuables to family members prior to the event or utilize the Peabody room for storage, albeit at their own risk.
  • A professional photographer will take individual graduate photos and numerous photos during the ceremony. Graduates will be provided a QR Code to access proofs. 
  • Faculty volunteers will “pin” students with a nursing pin by placing a ribbon exhibiting the nursing pin around the graduate’s neck as the graduate crosses the stage. 
  • DNP and MSN students will be hooded on stage acknowledging each graduate’s accomplishments and reflecting the graduate’s school and area of study. 
  • The commencement ceremony is expected to last no more than two hours. 
  • Tickets are not required. There is no limit on the number of guests who may attend. 

Watch The Live Stream Here

Academic (Latin) Honors (Undergrad ONLY)

Latin Honors are awarded to undergraduates with a GPA of 4.0–3.6​ 

  • SUMMA CUM LAUDE – 3.90 – 4.00 GPA
  • MAGNA CUM LAUDE – 3.75 – 3.89 GPA
  • CUM LAUDE – 3.60 – 3.74 GPA

Latin Honors are tentatively awarded prior to final grades for purposes such as Honor cords, commencement program, and name cards.  Tentative Latin Honors for Summer 2024 commencement are determined using the following information:

  • For Accelerated program students, tentative honors are determined using the cumulative GPA at the end of Summer 2024 10-week courses. 
  • For Upper Division and Weekend-Evening Option program students, tentative honors are determined using the cumulative GPA at the end of the Spring 2024 term.  

Final Honors determination will be made after all final grades are entered and degrees are conferred and will be reflected on the diploma and transcript​. 

Official Transcripts

A transcript is your official student record that reflects all coursework completed and any credentials earned.  They are often required for purposes for testing, licensure, and employment.  Transcripts at Goldfarb are processed through the national student clearinghouse.  There are many different delivery method order options including electronic, which is typically the preferred method.  You can make an advance transcript request before your degree conferral date by selecting “after degree is awarded” during the ordering process. The transcript will then be transmitted to your recipient when your degree is conferred.  Click here to order official transcripts. Students are responsible for sending their transcripts to any necessary agencies including the board of nursing of the state where they plan to be licensed and/or the relevant certifying body. 

Holds: Delivery of an official transcript will be delayed if there is a business/financial hold on your student account. Contact the business office if more information is needed. 

Degree and Certificate

Degree and Certificate Conferral 

Degrees and certificates are conferred approximately one week after the commencement ceremony using the conferral date.  For Summer 2024, the conferral date is August 23, 2024.  Please note that the date of conferral will show as the date of graduation on your transcript, on your graduation application, and is the date to be used on any future applications or documents.  

Diplomas and Certificates 

Diplomas and certificates will be mailed within four weeks after the degree conferral date to the address you provided on your graduation application. In addition to the 8 ½” x 11” printed diploma, within a few days of the degree conferral date, each graduate will also receive an authentic digital copy of the diploma via your email address from Parchment. The digital diploma can be shared on social media and is considered an official document to be shared professionally. 

Holds: Delivery of your diploma or certificate will be delayed if there is a business/financial hold on your student account. Contact the business office if more information is needed. 

Conferral Letters (Undergrad ONLY) 

Most employers will request an official transcript be submitted to confirm conferral of your BSN degree.  However, in some cases, employers may request a conferral letter in lieu of, or in addition to, the transcript.  If you need a conferral letter for your employer, you may submit a conferral letter request here.  The Registrar’s office will send your conferral letter after the conferral of your degree.  For Summer 2024, the degree conferral date is August 23, 2024.  We will not be able to send conferral letters earlier than the conferral date.  

NCLEX Testing (Undergrad ONLY)

The Goldfarb School Code to enter on the NCLEX application is US17502100. Your graduation date should be entered as August 23, 2024. The NCLEX application must be notarized.  Below is a listing of staff members at Goldfarb with a notary designation: 

  • Denise Davis – Registration Department, 4th Floor 
  • Connie Hearst – Registration Department, 4th Floor 
  • Wanda Cummings, Executive Services Coordinator, 5th Floor 


NCLEX Resources:


 Additional Questions? 

 If you have any additional questions regarding Graduation, contact [email protected]