Welcome to the Registration Office at Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College. The Registration Office administers and maintains the academic records of Barnes-Jewish College students and provides a variety of services to students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Registration Office is located on the fourth floor, and students can call or email the department during business hours.

Course Registration

Please see the below information and instructions to register

First-Term Students

First-term students are registered by the Registration office, in conjunction with your academic and support services advisor, prior to your arrival for new student orientation

Returning Students

All undergraduate students will be registered by the registration office in conjunction with department program directors until further notice. Returning students register for classes through GUS Connect.

Registration Changes

Graduate students can add or drop classes during the online registration time period indicated in the Academic Calendar. After the online registration period closes, they will work with their academic and student support advisor. Please pay special attention to the instructions when changing a clinical or elective section.

Until further notice, all undergraduate students should work with the academic and student support advisor for schedule changes.

Class Schedule

The class schedule is reviewed by the dean and approved/verified by the registrar.

Schedule Downloads

Goldfarb School of Nursing operates on a trimester system, offering three (3) 15-week terms per year. To view the most current schedule of classes, please click on the link below.

Dynamic Schedules

Below are instructions on how to view the dynamic schedule of classes via GUS Connect for current students or how to search our class schedule without log in credentials.

Transcript Requests

Please see the below information for transcript requests from the Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish Hospital.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts for current students can be requested through GUS Connect.

Official Transcripts

eTranscripts are now available at Goldfarb!

Goldfarb School of Nursing offers fully electronic transcript orders for all students who have earned college credit at the institution from 2010 to the present. This service is provided through the National Student Clearinghouse. Students can have their transcripts sent through the electronic transcript exchange (to schools and agencies that participate in this service), by email or certified mail. There is a cost associated with each transcript request.

Effective summer 2021, all graduates are required to order their own transcript and have it sent to the board of nursing in the state where they plan to get licensed.

  • The Missouri State Board of Nursing is not part of the electronic exchange system.
  • Students applying to Missouri should visit for the most up-to-date email address or mailing address.
  • Students who attended our institution prior to 2010 (legacy students) cannot request electronic transcripts. All transcripts for legacy students will be certified mail only.
  • Requests can be made using the following link:

Post-Acceptance Requirements

Class placement is guaranteed only after the following criteria are met:

  • Tuition Deposit
    • A non-refundable tuition deposit of $150 is received which is applied to tuition (check should be payable to Barnes-Jewish College sent to the Admissions Office)
  • Transcripts
    • Receipt of official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. Students completing approved courses at other colleges/universities after admission to College must provide official transcripts in a timely manner.
  • Proof of Required Immunizations
    • TB screening and Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers CPR certification from the American Heart Association must be submitted 30 days prior to the start of the program. Current TB test, immunization results, CPR certification and results of the criminal background check and urine drug screening must be on file with CastleBranch to attend any class.
  • Background Checks and Drug Screening
    • All students at Barnes-Jewish College are required to undergo a criminal background check and urine drug screening prior to enrolling in classes. This requirement has been mandated by the Joint Commission as a safety measure that affects students’ participation in clinical practica at the College. The acceptance packet from the Admissions Office provides further instructions regarding the process through CastleBranch to accomplish the criminal background check and drug screening. The cost for Castlebranch is $163.74 starting on May 15th. 
  • Barnes-Jewish College ID Badge
    • This is obtained through the BJC Security Department. Subsequent renewal is required annually.

Incoming students need to be aware of the following:

  • Degree-seeking students are expected to have access to a computer and the Internet and to be proficient in Microsoft Word.
  • Students are responsible for their own health insurance and health care management while enrolled at the college.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions for registration at the Goldfarb School of Nursing.

What is my enrollment status?

The amount of credit hours you sign up for affects many things like Financial Aid status, eligibility for dependent health insurance, loan deferment, etc. Please see the chart below:

Full-Time12+ Credits/Term6+ Credits/Term
3/4 Time9 - 11 Credits/TermNA
1/2 time6 - 8 Credits/Term3 - 5 Credits/Term
How do you withdraw from the Goldfarb School of Nursing?
  • You cannot withdraw from all courses through the Online Registration System
  • You MUST contact your Academic and Student Support Services Advisor to
    • Withdraw from all of your classes for a term OR
    • Withdraw from Goldfarb School of Nursing, meaning you wish to end your academic career at the school
Are there any rules or conditions for clinical courses?

Students will receive an immediate failure and may not withdraw from a course if s/he commits an egregious violation, including, but not limited to:

  • A reckless safety violation
  • Any HIPAA violation
  • Abuse of a patient, family member, staff, peer, or faculty
  • One no-call/no-show for clinical or clinical labs

Absence from clinical orientation may result in an immediate course withdrawal at the discretion of the course coordinator.

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