Wednesday Word: The Wait

Jan. 05, 2023 By: Goldfarb School of Nursing

<span>Wednesday Word: The Wait</span>

Waiting isn’t easy. It can often be difficult to find patience for something so greatly anticipated–and so it is with the 2020 presidential election. Many waited most of the night or woke this morning, eager to know the “winner!” The evening progressed, the night returned and sun arose–votes were still being counted. It was then that potential exuberance returned to anxiousness.

In this place of overwhelming anticipation, many of us are forced to discover a great strength—patience. In our contemporary world of instant messaging and connection through social media, we often stay on alert. Yet, today, we wait—and waiting isn’t always easy.

There is power in the process of patience. Even if the eventual outcome is not what you desire, it is the process that teaches us most about ourselves.

It is said we plant seeds from which we wish for. Yesterday, we planted a seed—from it, we wish for tolerance, kindness and perseverance. We hope that it sprouts the best of who we are and hope to be.