Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Weekend and Evening Option (WEO)

Feb. 12, 2022 By: Goldfarb School of Nursing

<span>Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Weekend and Evening Option (WEO)</span>

Part-Time Program Puts Nursing Career Within Reach

The journey to becoming a nurse is now more attainable than ever, even for people who work full-time. Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing is now offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Weekend and Evening Option designed with working people in mind.

Traditional nursing school programs are full-time and don't offer working individuals the flexibility they need. Goldfarb's Weekend and Evening Option program is part-time so students can continue working and have a more balanced life.

"Over the years, we've had prospective students reach out to us who want to attend nursing school but their schedules didn't allow it," says Stacy Bogier, Goldfarb director of enrollment management. "With the current nursing shortage, we decided it was the right time to address the need and develop the Weekend and Evening Option for students that offers more flexibility."

Pursuing a Dream While Balancing Life

The program's first cohort began in the fall of 2020. Typically, classes are two nights a week and a half-day on Saturdays. The part-time Weekend and Evening Option is a 36-month program.

Goldfarb has three starts a year: spring, summer, and fall.

"When we created this program, we purposely decided to spread it out over three years to ensure student success," Bogier says. "This schedule gives students the ability to balance their life while raising children and working along with school. The goal is to make education accessible to all students. This weekend and evening program bridges the gap and allows students to pursue their dreams. They can still work and have an income while they're in school."

To date, the average age of Weekend and Evening Option students is 35.

Weekend and Evening Option students' needs are different than daytime students, so Goldfarb faculty and staff have adapted to meet these needs.

"We offer a variety of student supports for whatever an individual's needs are, along with peer mentoring and peer tutoring," Bogier says. "Our goal is to meet each student where they are and provide any type of support services we can to ensure their success."

Many students in the Weekend and Evening Option are already working in health care in roles such as medical assistants or patient care technicians. The program also includes students in non-medical fields such as accounting and graphic design. Yet all the students have the common denominator of always wanting to be a nurse.

"We're excited to give students an opportunity and option to fulfill their dreams," Bogier says.

"It always amazes me how courageous students are to do a complete career change—it's exciting."

World-Class Experiences Launch Successful Careers

Because of Goldfarb's partnership with BJC HealthCare, Goldfarb students have the advantage of being the first choice for clinical placement in BJC's many hospitals including Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Children's Hospital, and Missouri Baptist Medical Center among others.

"Goldfarb students are excited to be learning in this medical community," Bogier says. "They're able to learn in a wide variety of clinical placements that allow so much hands-on experience, patient experience and community experience. Because of our relationships, we get students out to serve in the community, which aligns with BJC's mission."

Another advantage of being part of the Goldfarb Weekend and Evening Option program is access to a world-class simulation lab. The Clinical Simulation Institute at Goldfarb is among only a select number of institutions to receive recognition as a Center of Educational Excellence and accreditation from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

"Students love the simulation lab with the various mannequins and simulators," Bogier says. "Our extensive simulation lab offers much more than most nursing programs. Along with our BJC affiliation and our excellent, distinguished faculty, we're able to offer an outstanding educational experience for students."

Learn More

The Goldfarb Weekend and Evening Option program is for undergraduate transfer students who have completed their first two years of education at an accredited institution of higher learning. Eligible students need a minimum of 54 credit hours and at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average among other requirements to be admitted into the program.

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