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Student Laptop and Smart Phone Policy


Laptops and smart phones have become a must-have tool in today’s academic environment. They enhance the student experience and promote the creation of an academic learner-centered environment by bringing more options and resources to the student.


To successfully use teaching and learning systems, GSON created this policy based primarily on the following reasons:

  • Technology literacy is critical and an advantage in most jobs our students will get
  • Immediate course content access enhances the student experience
  • Laptops allow the students to take online exams and quizzes and faculty can provide more timely feedback
  • Access to content, coursework and quizzes from a tranquil, quiet place outside GSON can improve concentration and learning
  • Social media and collaboration tools contribute to the success of the team activities
  • Freedom for students to choose a device that fits their needs or budget
  • Computer room size and availability is a challenge during finals, and this provides more options
  • Secure access to BJC accounts and email require Dual factor authentication
  • Rave emergency alert system requires a smart cell phone number to send alerts

Policy Statements: 

  1. Goldfarb School of Nursing requires that all students own a laptop and a smart phone. Both the laptop and the smart phone must have access to the Internet at the school, and outside the school.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure proper Internet access outside GSON, that their phone and laptop are functional and, always capable to connect to the Internet through the appropriate network.
  3. All students must enroll their phone in DUO to securely access GSON resources and optionally, install the free DUO Mobile app. GSON will enroll the student cellphone number in RAVE so the students can receive alerts.


GSON doesn’t endorse any specific model but does require that all students have a laptop and a smart phone. The IS team will do its best to assist with technical issues but ultimately the students are responsible for their own devices. Personal computers (PCs) are acceptable substitute for home use and the same minimum recommendation than the laptops should be applied.

Policy Related Procedures:

  1. Recommended Laptop Specifications.

We recommend laptops instead of notebooks, Chromebooks or tablets. Some notebooks may work but they could make the access to some resources challenging if not impossible.

Any laptop that was purchased in the last two years should be good enough but check the MINIMUM recommended hardware below for a better experience:




Intel i5 7th Gen or better


16 GB (32GB preferred)

Hard Drive

256 GB (larger capacity and/or solid state preferred)

Operating System

Windows 10 or OS X Sierra (10.11) with the latest patches


Up to date Antivirus (Windows Defender minimum)


PDF reader


Wireless card or USB

Min Screen Size


Battery life

More than 4 hours

Camera and Microphone

Built-in or external webcam with microphone required for certain online exams


GSON will provide MS OneDrive license during the active enrollment of the student

  1. Software

Goldfarb will provide the students with an Office365 web license that includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, etc. It is recommended not to purchase Microsoft Office when buying a new laptop.

The students will need a good antivirus to protect their device from malware like viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, keyloggers and such. Windows Defender comes with Windows 10 and it is the minimum requirement. The antivirus software should be configured to receive automatic updates.

Most of the software the students will need will be in the Cloud and they will need the latest version of Chrome. Some other browsers will probably work but Chrome is the only one we test extensively with any upgrade.

DUO Mobile must be installed in a mobile device (smart phone preferred)

  1. Internet

At College, the student will have access to the internet using the Guest wireless network. At home, the student is expected to have the adequate Internet connectivity (more than 1 Mbps) to access academic resources, attend conference calls/lectures, or take online exams, among other things.

  1. Laptop Support

We will provide limited support to personal devices since we don’t have the expertise (specially with Mac’s and tablets) or infrastructure to support everything is out in the market. We will assist with network connectivity and some basic user-level troubleshooting. Hardware or more complex support must be handled through the manufacturer or some other third-party computer services vendor. It is a good idea to have an extended warranty that covers your laptop while you are at GSON.

Always, save your course files in OneDrive and if possible, synchronize them with a copy in your laptop, that way you will be able to work offline and if your laptop breaks, most, if not all your work will be safe.

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