Private and Alternative Loans

If you've explored the other loan options and you still need additional funding, there are some alternative options that you can take advantage of.


Private Lending for Higher Education

An alternative loan can help pay for things like remaining balances, living expenses, books and supplies, past due balances for previously attending our school and other educationally related expenses. These loans are based on credit and may need a co-signer. These loans are certified by our school and conveniently are credited directly to your account. If your loan exceeds your charges, you will be sent a refund check to use for educationally related expenses.

Please Note: If approved for an alternative loan, your loan will be divided up equally based on the loan period you've requested when you applied. If you wish to have specific amounts per term i.e. $4000 Summer, $5000 Fall, and $6000 Spring, you must let our office know in writing.

Preferred Lenders List of Private Lenders

When applying for an alternative loan for example, please apply for the current academic year only (Summer/Fall/Spring). For instance, if you are starting your program in the Fall term, you would apply for one loan for Fall and Spring. Then you would re-apply for a new loan for the following Summer and beyond. However, if you are starting in the Accelerated program for a Summer term, please apply for the length of your program (Summer, Fall, Spring). The application process will vary depending on the private or alternative loan selected. To apply for an alternative loan option, please click here.


This is a loan option for students who are pursuing a first bachelor degree and meet the following criteria:

  • Are a Missouri resident
  • Have an EFC of $20,000 or less for the current academic year
  • Obtained a 21+ ACT score or 2.5+ GPA at Goldfarb
  • Accepted all of their Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans already

The loan is a maximum of $5000 per their fiscal year with a 0% interest rate and a minimum $5/month payment while in school. Funding for this loan is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Apply for the MOFELP loan here.

Stride Funding

An Income-Share Loan (ISL) is another option to consider to help fund the gap between your tuition and fees and federal student aid. An ISL is somewhat similar to a private student loan but also operates slightly differently as the borrower doesn't have an APR but is paying a percentage based on their income upon graduation. The borrower's credit is pulled but not a credit score. If approved, the borrower will need to provide unofficial or official transcripts of their academic history to Stride. Stride Funding provides Income-Share Loans (ISL) to students who are pursuing a degree in the healthcare field. Stride does have a maximum funding amount of $25,000 per academic year. They utilize Launch Servicing for their repayment management. Learn more about applying for a Stride ISL

Please note, students in the Weekend Evening Option would not be eligible for the Stride ISL until they are within 21 months of graduation. Residents of CO and WV are not eligible at this time.