Barnes-Jewish College and Webster University Dual degree program

Dual STEM-Nursing Degree

About The Program

Under this dual enrollment program (2+2 Program), biology students at Webster can complete an undergraduate nursing degree at Goldfarb. These students will then have a dual biology/BSN nursing degree that will allow them to expand potential job opportunities in the future while also qualifying them for better-paying positions in care and research facilities.

This new program provides more options for students to pursue the degrees and the careers that they want especially for STEM-trained students who have the flexibility to quickly enter new fields or perform hybrid tasks, such as applying nursing skills in a research environment.


About Our Partnership

The partnership with Webster University supports seamless pathways into the nursing profession and can streamline entry into a rewarding nursing career. This is a practical solution to addressing a critical nursing shortage while preparing students for dynamic careers in our nationally recognized clinical care settings and in our newly renovated simulation and virtual reality spaces.

Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and is approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.


Our Commitment To You

Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing is committed to excellence in education and uniquely prepared to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of nursing today. We believe nursing education should be integrated alongside other disciplines to understand how they work together as a team to deliver patient care. Our Clinical Simulation Institute provides a safe, supportive learning environment using advanced and innovative technology, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to ensure an immersive classroom experience.

Our 2 pre-licensure nursing programs - the Upper Division BSN program and the Accelerated BSN program prepares students to care for patients and families in hospitals, the community and a variety of other settings.

Upper Division Program Prerequisites


Program length: 20 months (five terms)
Curriculum: 30-40 hours per week of classroom, simulation
lab coursework and clinical experiences at top hospitals
• Minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA
• Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on core prerequisites
• Minimum of 54 credit hours in the following prerequisites.
(Note: Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Microbiology must have been
taken within the last five years. Core Prerequisites may not have been taken
more than twice within the last five years.)
- Anatomy and Physiology I with lab*
- Anatomy and Physiology II with lab*
- Microbiology with lab*
- Nutrition*
- General Psychology*
- Human Growth and Development* (across the lifespan)
- Statistics*
- English Composition I*
- English Composition II
- Speech or Oral Communications
- (1) Social Science Course Elective (3 credit hours)
(Examples: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Speech, History,
Economics, Political Science, Geography, Criminal Justice; Please refer to
your college catalog for other social science courses)
- (3) Humanities Course Electives (9 credit hours total)
(Examples: Philosophy, Music, Art, Foreign Language,
Literature, Religion; Please refer to your college catalog
for other humanities courses)
- (3) Elective Courses (9 credit hours total)
(Example: Any 3-credit hour college level course)
* Core prerequisites
Core prerequisite courses are required for applicants with a bachelor’s degree


Accelerated Program Prerequisites


Program length: 12 months (three terms)
Curriculum: 40-50 hours per week of classroom and simulation lab
coursework; clinical experiences at top hospitals
• Bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing
• Minimum 3.2 cumulative undergraduate GPA
• Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on core prerequisites
• Minimum of 27 credit hours in the following core prerequisites.
- Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
- Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
- Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
- Microbiology with lab
- Nutrition
- Statistics
- General Psychology
- Human Growth and Development (across the lifespan)
- English Composition
• For GPA and additional requirements, please refer to the website at
• For questions, contact the Admissions Office at Barnes Jewish College
Goldfarb School of Nursing at [email protected]
*Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab BIOL 1610: Anatomy & Physiology I, BIOL 1611: Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 4
*Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab BIOL 1620: Anatomy & Physiology II, BIOL 3121: Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 4
*Microbiology with Lab BIOL 3120: Microbiology, BIOL 3121: Microbiology Lab 4
*Statistics STAT 1100: Descriptive Statistics 3
*General Psychology* PSYC 1100: Introduction to Psychology 3
*Human Growth & Development PSYC 2300: Lifespan Development 3
*Nutrition BIOL 3150: Nutrition 3
*English Composition I WRIT 1010: Composition I 3
English Composition II WRIT 2000: Composition II 3
College Algebra MATH 1430: College Algebra 3
Ethics PHIL 1110: Ethics 3
Sociology ANSO 1000: Intro to Sociology 3
History or Government HIST 1310, HIST 1320, or HIST 2240 3
Biology, Chemistry, Genetics or Physics BIOL 1550: Essentials of Biology I, BIOL 1551: Essentials of Biology I Lab 3
General Elective GLBC 1200: Global Cornerstone 3
Humanities Elective HRTS 2500, ILC 2150, ISTL 1000, PHIL 1200, POLT 1080, ANSO 2200, or PSYC 2850 3
Social Science Elective SPCM 1040: Public Speaking 3
Additional Courses for 2x2 Agreement BIOL 3050: Genetics (3 hrs), BIOL 3051: Genetics Lab (1), KEYS: Keystone Seminar (3 hrs) 7
* Prerequisite course requirements for post-baccalaureate applicants.


Webster University Transfer Guide into the Upper Division BSN programs at Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing. 


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