Bachelor’s Degree

Education at the baccalaureate level (BSN) prepares students to care for patients and families in hospitals as well as in the community and a variety of other settings.

Next Start Date: May 8, 2023


Our Bachelor's Degree Options

To help you achieve your nursing degree, we offer three different Bachelor's degree options.


Upper division

This option is for students who have completed their first two years of education at an accredited institution.

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The accelerated nature of this option ensures our students make the transition from education to practice faster.

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Weekend / Evening

The weekend/evening option is designed for busy individuals who are wanting to achieve their BSN, but have completed all prerequisites.

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BSN Degree Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the BSN program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professional behaviors in all activities
  • Engage in evidence-based clinically competent care across transitions of care
  • Exhibit cultural awareness, sensitivity, competency, and ethical behaviors in the provision of nursing care to individuals, groups, and populations within a diverse society
  • Utilize clinical judgments that incorporate reflection, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Implement health promotion, risk reduction, and disease-prevention activities for individuals, groups, and populations
  • Utilize information and healthcare technologies to improve quality and provide safe care
  • Enact the professional role of care provider, care coordinator, and lifelong learner
  • Collaborate as a member of an interdisciplinary health care team
  • Participate as a leader within the scope of professional practice

How to Apply

Apply online today! You can also contact the admissions department by email at [email protected] or by calling 314.454.7055 or 800.832.9009.