For students graduating from Goldfarb School of Nursing, how to apply for graduation and important information regarding degree conferral and honors is available here. You will also find information about the commencement ceremony and other commencement activities.


Graduation Application Instructions

Eligibility for graduation requires that degree candidates satisfy all curricular requirements and pass all prescribed examinations before deadlines published by the Registration Department. No exceptions are made. Contact your academic advisor regarding questions related to your degree program, outstanding requirements, honors, etc.

  • Candidates must complete an electronic graduation application that will be accessible for students who have entered their final term at Goldfarb School of Nursing.
    • The $125 graduation fee is non-refundable and will be posted to each student’s bill upon notification from the Registration Department.
    • This application must be filled out whether or not you plan to attend the commencement.
  • Students are expected to submit the electronic application for graduation via GUS Connect during the first three weeks of their final term.
  • Students who do not wish to have their names appear in the graduation program must sign, date and return the graduation confirmation page to the registration office.
  • All responsibilities and financial obligations to the college must be met no later than one month prior to graduation.
  • Students apply for graduation during the first five weeks of their final term.
    • The application is completed in GUS Connect under "My Academics."

View Graduation Application Instructions

Degree Conferral

Degrees are conferred approximately one week after the commencement ceremony.

Please note that your date of conferral will show as the date of graduation on the application. The conferral date is usually the Friday after your commencement ceremony and is the date that will be on your final transcript and diploma. You should always use your conferral date when asked when you graduated on all professional licensure applications and forms.

Diplomas will be mailed to the address you specified on your graduation application approximately four to six weeks after degree conferral. Students will be notified via their BJC e-mail address when diplomas have been mailed. Students should update their address using the Personal Information Update Form and verify where they want their diploma to be sent.

Graduation Honors

Graduation honors are administered to students based on the scale outlined below.

  • SUMMA CUM LAUDE – 3.90 – 4.00 GPA
  • MAGNA CUM LAUDE – 3.75 – 3.89 GPA
  • CUM LAUDE – 3.60 – 3.74 GPA

Graduation honors are calculated at the end of the 10th week and are based on students' cumulative grade point average determined after the first ten weeks of the students’ final term to establish honors designations for the commencement and honors convocation programs.

Graduation honors are calculated once again after all grades have been submitted, which occurs after the commencement ceremony but prior to the degree conferral process. Due to the differing calculation dates, some students’ honors designations may change from those published in the ceremony programs.

The official, final honors designation associated with your graduation from Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College will be reflected on your transcript and your diploma.

Commencement Activities

Commencement activities are held at the end of each term (Spring, Summer and Fall). The Commencement ceremony is the moment students have been waiting for throughout their educational program. It’s their light at the end of the tunnel — a time to celebrate and be recognized for the knowledge they have gained to care for others as well as continue their search for knowledge.

The commencement location sometimes changes, but Powell Hall has normally been used as the venue for graduation, with a seating capacity that eliminates the need to issue tickets for guests to attend. Candidates for commencement will receive written notification regarding the date, time, location, regalia, and other aspects of the ceremony during their final term at Goldfarb School of Nursing.

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Additional Information

Please see additional information regarding graduation and the commencement ceremony.


Undergraduate degree candidates wear a cap and gown for commencement. Graduate degree candidates wear a cap, a gown and their hood during the processional. Doctorate students will be hooded on stage prior to receiving their diplomas and pins. You will be notified when it is time to order your cap and gown, and you will select where you would like it to be mailed prior to commencement. The cost of regalia is included in the graduation fee.


Guests will not be allowed past the graduate seating area to take photographs during the ceremony. A professional photographer will be taking individual and candid pictures throughout the commencement event. Individual pictures will also be taken as each graduate receives his/her diploma and possibly prior to descending the stage area. Within 24 hours, proofs are available for viewing and ordering online ( and remain available for ordering for up to one year after the ceremony.


Please contact the Registration Department for any additional questions regarding graduation: 314.747.3006.