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Tutor Request Form

Our policy: Tutoring is a support service and not a substitute for course instruction. The tutor will help students to the best of his/her ability. However, students are responsible for the grades they receive in class.

It is the students’ responsibility to notify the tutor coordinator, Jessica Allen at or 314.362.7295, and/or the tutor if he/she is not able to attend scheduled tutoring sessions. Efforts will be made to accommodate all student requests, but specific content courses may require more time to obtain a tutor.

Tutors are assigned based upon availability.

Please submit the following form to request a tutor.

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Note: Peer tutor sessions should be held within the agreed time made between the tutor and tutee.  If the tutee has not arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled session (unless given notice and approval by the tutor), the tutor has the right to cancel the peer tutor session. 

Failure to comply below will result to the following action(s):

1st late/missed session without notice (15 min or >) Warning: Tutee will be contacted by tutor coordinator
2nd late/missed session without notice (15 min or >) Tutor may cancel peer tutor sessions


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