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Evive Station

The Duncan Campus Site was asked to be an alpha test site for the Evive Station in an effort to reduce the use of disposable water bottles. We have the only system in this region and at no additional fee, Goldfarb School of Nursing students, faculty and staff visiting the Duncan Campus Site now have access to the reusable water bottle system by Evive Station. Evaluation of data related to usage and satisfaction is being gathered over a period of time to see how this type of system could be utilized in other venues beyond Goldfarb School of Nursing.

The station is located on the first floor of Goldfarb Hall across from the vending machine. If you have not picked up your Evive Station water bottle, please see your academic and student support advisor.

Learn more about the Evive Station* by watching this video:

Evive is a third party provider.

For more information on the Evive Station, visit Have questions or comments about the Evive Station? Please email

*Steps to register your Evive bottle before first use:

1) Go to and click the "sign up now" button (do not register at the station or attempt to activate a bottle prior to online registration)

2) Create an online login ID using your official college email, ending with, then select a password. (ONLY your official college email will work).

3) Enter your mobile phone number. Remember the number entered as you will need it to activate your Evive bottle.

4) Fill out your profile and pick a 4 digit (numerical) pin. This pin will be used on the Station when you use your bottle.

5) Your profile has been created. You can manage your account here, if needed.

6) Take your Evive bottle to the Evive Station. Place your bottle bottom against the blue circle.

7) Enter your phone number (the same you used for registration). Confirm it.

8) Enter your 4 digit pin (that you created online). Confirm it.

9) You have activated your Evive bottle, and you are all set to go! Next time, to use your bottle, scan the bottom and use your 4 digit pin. If you have any issues with your account, contact us at Enjoy!


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