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Veterans Education Benefits

We at Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes Jewish College, are happy that you are interested in attending or have already been accepted to one of our nursing programs. Our degree programs are approved for Veterans Education Benefits, so you may use your benefits to help fund your tuition, fees, books and supplies. We thank you for your service to this country and are dedicated to serving you. Goldfarb School of Nursing adheres to the Principles of Excellence. Please click here for more information on Principles of Excellence.

All VA students must file an application to the Department of Veterans Affairs when they first start school. Students who have not received VA Benefits before must file an original application: 

If you are the spouse or dependent of a veteran and want the Education Benefit transferred to you: 

  • First, the veteran must transfer their Education Benefits and list you as an approved family member, by clicking here
  • Next, you, as the student, will apply for benefits by filling out VA Form 22-1990E mailed or apply online here

Students who have received VA Benefits at another school, must file a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training:

Students applying for Chapter 33 in lieu of or relinquishing another benefit should complete VA Form 22-1990 mailed or apply online here

All forms mailed in should be sent to the VA Regional Processing Office at P.O. Box 32432, St. Louis, MO 63132-0832.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for the VA to process your application for benefits and send your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). When you do receive your COE, please call (314) 747-3006 or email [email protected] to submit your COE to the School Certifying Official. In providing the COE to Denise Davis, our primary School Certifying Official, you are ensuring that it becomes part of your permanent file and that you are certified correctly. The Certifying Official is located on the 4th floor of the Duncan Campus only.

To review the different types of Veterans’ Benefits to help determine which you might qualify for, please click here.

Once certification is submitted to the VA, a confirmation email will be sent from the VA to your BJC email address. Please allow at least 6 weeks for the VA to process your enrollment certification. 

All but two of the Veteran benefit programs will pay a check directly to you in a monthly allowance (based on the number of credit hours you are taking per term). The two programs that pay some or all of your benefits directly to the school are Vocational Rehabilitation (VR&E) and the Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Ch. 33). The Post-9/11 Benefit pays tuition & fees directly to the school and a monthly allowance to the student. If there are unmet tuition and fees after exhausting your Ch. 33 annual cap, and you are receiving 100% Ch. 33 benefit, you may be eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program. With any of your Veteran’s benefits, you are eligible to apply for additional money through Title IV funding (Pell Grant, Direct Stafford Loans) at, scholarships, PLUS Direct Loans and private student loans. 

As part of the ongoing effort to participate in programs aimed at assisting potential nurse licensure candidates, the NCLEX examination has been added to the qualified list of non-federal government licensure/certification examinations by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The inclusion of the NCLEX allows for eligible veterans and their dependents (as defined by the Department of Veterans Affairs) to be reimbursed for the cost of the test given to qualify an individual for a vocational license or certificate. Qualifying veteran candidates have no limit as to the number of times the exam can be taken. And, VA will pay for tests even if you fail them. 

The registration process for eligible applicants will continue to be the same as described in the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin. When a qualifying individual applies for reimbursement for taking the NCLEX ($45), it is done through the candidate's local Department of Veterans Affairs office. As part of the application, the candidate will have to list the board of nursing issuing the license to practice. 

To apply for reimbursement for the NCLEX exam fee, complete VA Form 22-0803. More information on test reimbursement can be found here, listed under "Registered Professional Nurse".

Veteran reimbursement is not available to candidates seeking licensure/registration in Canada.

VA Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 Policy

Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 requires Missouri's State Approving Agency (SAA) to disapprove all course at educational institutions that have a policy inconsistent with the following criteria for recipients of Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 of the G.I. Bill by August 1, 2019. The policy is limited to tuition funds paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and enforced at institutions of Higher Learning, Non-College Degree Programs, and Flight Schools.

Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College policy ensures that we will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 recipient borrow additional funds to cover the individual's inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement of a payment by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

VA Specific Information/Student Responsibilities

  • All VA students must report changes in address, telephone numbers, and direct deposit information to the School Certifying Official and to the VA at 1-888-GI BILL (888-442-4551)
  • All VA students using Chapter 30, 1607, and 1606 must verify their attendance monthly, on or after the last day of each month. They may do this by visiting Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or by calling 877-823-2378
  • All VA students must report changes in enrollment status, including drop/add/withdrawals to the School Certifying Official. 

If more than 60 days have elapsed and you have not received any payment, call the VA Regional Call Center at 888-442-4551.

We have a Vets Organization on campus called VAST (Veterans and Supporters Together) in which you may choose to participate. For more information, contact Malou Jaime in Student Services at 314.454.8686 or [email protected].

For more information on your Veterans’ Benefits, please contact Denise Davis in the Registration Office.
Denise Davis - 314.747.3006
[email protected]   

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

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