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No Striking Out: An Academic Advisor Coaches Students for Success

No Striking Out: An Academic Advisor Coaches Students for Success

Posted on 14 Sep 2022 by Khadijah

Matthew Kitchell knows that good coaching isn't about wins or losses: it's about giving someone the tools they need to succeed —and that's exactly what Matt does!


As one of Goldfarb School of Nursing's admission advisors, Matt supports prospective students who dream of a nursing career.


With a background in coaching and a passion for education, Matt takes a practical approach to admission advising. He understands the magnitude of a potential student's decision to begin nursing school at Goldfarb. He also knows that success looks different for every student — and what each student needs to succeed can differ. 


A History of Home Runs 

A sports metaphor is an apt way to describe Matt's work. He's played and coached a variety of sports throughout his life, including basketball at the college level. Growing up in a small town outside of St. Louis, he's always been a loyal Cardinals fan, driving into the city for games when he was younger. When he graduated college, he even had an opportunity to work with them. 


After his stint with the Cardinals, Matt decided to pursue what had always been his passion: helping students. 


"I always knew I wanted to go into education," he says. "I wanted to help students achieve their goals." 


At Goldfarb, prospective students sometimes reach out to Matt more than a year before they intend to apply. Matt doesn't just answer their questions; he builds relationships with them by being their "academic confidante" as they begin preparing for nursing school.


Some of his favorite moments are helping students who dream of going to Goldfarb but may not be academically or personally ready. And then, not long after, he gets to watch them complete their Goldfarb degree and begin their nursing career. 


"You're not just an advisor to someone," Matt said. "You're with them through the entire process. It's my ultimate ambition to see them reach their goals."  


The Next Generation of Nurses


Matt aspired to work at Goldfarb because of its tradition of greatness and commitment to producing exceptional nurses. As an admission advisor, Matt has become part of that legacy, guiding students who aspire to uphold those standards of medicine and care. 


Matt helps students access opportunities to give back to others and their community. After all, he knows the power of a positive medical experience. Matt recalled his care from a BJC doctor and nurse who treated him during a childhood illness. Though the memory takes a little jostling to get loose, Matt acknowledges its resounding impact throughout his life—and now, his work in academic advising allows him to extend compassion and care to someone else—future nurse leaders. He's helping prepare the nurses who will one day have such a significant impact on another life. 


Outside of admission advisement, Matt, who's well-versed in what makes St. Louis a vibrant place to live, has plenty of recommendations to make the city feel like home for out-of-state students — don't hesitate to ask him where to get the best Italian food. And if you're into baseball? He can fill you in on all things Cardinals.

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