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Bringing Harmony—and Success—to Students' Lives

As a father to six children in a loud and lively household, Ed Gricius, MCP, has plenty of practice successfully navigating big groups and busy schedules. His strength is bringing harmony and positivity wherever he goes.

Now he brings that strength to Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing as the new associate dean for student experience and development. Ed began his role Dec. 19, 2022.

Positivity is one of the factors that drew Ed to Barnes-Jewish College.

"I was impressed by the college's focus on taking exceptional people and making them exceptional nurses," he says. "The tagline touched me. From day one, the college looks at students in a positive light and builds on that to create exceptional nurses."

Dr. Michael Ward: Leaving the Bow Tie Behind for a New Life Chapter

Humble. Funny. Positive. Warm. Those are just some of the fond words colleagues use to describe Michael Ward, PhD, RTR, FASRT, vice dean of student affairs and diversity for Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College.

"I call him a king among people," says Angie Wade, director of communications and marketing at the college. Her team reports to Dr. Ward. "He's very humble so people don't always see how much he has done in so many people's lives, including our students and the people who work alongside him. He's also a very funny person. We tease each other all the time."

Wade and other Goldfarb team members say they will miss these qualities, along with his positive leadership style, strategic planning skills and signature bow tie as Dr. Ward retires from the college at the end of 2022.

Nurse Alum is Right Where She Wants to Be

Starting nursing school in the middle of the pandemic was just the first challenge Mallory Abert, BSN, RN, has tackled and won. She kept her eye on the nursing career she always wanted and pushed through to graduate from Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College in April 2022. Now she is thriving as a full-time critical care nurse in the neuro ICU at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

"I've always had a drive for nursing," Mallory says. "Things people find gross I think are cool."

Enriching the Student Experience

Phillip Campbell, Ed.D, director of student support and engagement, joined Goldfarb School of Nursing in February 2021 while the college was still in a virtual setting. His skill set was timed perfectly for the new reality of virtual and hybrid education.

He chose to come to Goldfarb after learning the college was looking for someone to be innovative in support services. "Goldfarb wanted to lean into change to better meet student needs—this appealed to me," Phillip says. "I was excited to join the community and bring a different lens. I'm not a nurse or healthcare administrator, but I am an educator and a community-oriented, service-minded professional so my skills can be incorporated into practices and operations here."

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Ready or not, tis the season of gratitude and giving. As your calendar fills up, are you giving too much of yourself?

It might be time to build some healthy boundaries.

Setting boundaries isn't selfish; it's crucial for your mental health. Through the hustle and bustle of the season that kicks off with Thanksgiving, be sure to take time for yourself. Set the world aside and go for a walk, get a massage, meditate, read a book, or cozy up with hot cocoa on a Saturday night. Whatever brings you peace on earth, DO IT.

Balancing nursing school, work, family, and managing a social life is a monumental task. Boundaries prevent overdoing, over-committing, and oversharing. These things lead to exhaustion. But how do you say no to the invitations and expectations from others? How do you set those boundaries that no one can step over? Take it one step at a time.

Career Quest Leads to Scholarship and Dream Job

Native Californian, Jovan Romero, has been exploring career options since he graduated high school in 2012—all centered around helping others.

He first worked at a veterinarian hospital. At age 20, he started working as an ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapist for children with autism.

"I fell in love with that and it made me realize how much I enjoy working with kids," Jovan says. "I saw how rewarding it was."

All his experiences eventually melded to point him toward nursing. "I've always enjoyed taking care of people and nursing feels like the right fit," he says.

Daunted by the long waiting period to get into nursing programs in California, he looked to the Midwest. On his quest to become a nurse, Jovan discovered Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College in St. Louis.

Jovan’s challenge was figuring out how to pay for his education with private loans after already taking out federal student loans

Just in time, Jovan got a call that he had received a full-ride scholarship to Goldfarb from BJC HealthCare. With his passion for working with kids, he plans to work at St. Louis Children's Hospital when he graduates. Jovan is also the first member of his family to go to college.

"The full-ride scholarship is awesome," he says. "I was stressed about how I was going to pay for nursing school so I really appreciate this scholarship."

New Citizens Journey to Nursing

America just gained an enthusiastic new citizen and future nurse: Olga Valdez Guevara. After successfully passing a comprehensive civic exam, Olga participated in her citizenship ceremony on Nov. 4 surrounded by her husband, 9-year-old child, and friends.

Olga currently is a student in the Weekends and Evening Option (WEO) program at Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College and expects to graduate in the summer of 2024. As a full-time clinical research coordinator at Washington University’s NeuroGenomics and Informatics Center, she doesn't have far to go to get to class.

Daylight Savings Time: Fall Back With Healthy Mood Boosters

Now is the time to adjust your schedule, be proactive, and adopt these healthy habits to protect your mental health and boost your mood—no matter what the clock says.

Reddit Points the Way to Goldfarb

Students learn about Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College through friends, family, and even social media. Michael James "MJ" Block of Sacramento, California, discovered Goldfarb on Reddit, a social community for news and discussions and moved from the West Coast to the Midwest to finally follow his passion for helping others.

At first glance, MJ thought the nursing school in St. Louis seemed too good to be true. He had researched other nursing schools in California but found many had a long wait to enroll. He realized that before starting in one of those programs, he had the opportunity to finish nursing school at Goldfarb thanks to the college's rolling admissions process.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center Announced Its 2022 President’s Award Winner, Dr. Michael Ward

American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association, presented its highest honor, The Margretta Madden Styles President’s Award, to Dr. Michael Ward, Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity for Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Ward received the prestigious award on October 13 at the 2022 ANCC National Magnet and Pathway to Excellence Conferences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where nearly 11,000 nurses participated. According to ANCC, this was a record number of conference attendees for the organization.




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