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FAQ - Textbooks

Timely and accurate information about textbooks can contribute to making your term a success. The following information will help you to become an educated consumer, no matter where you choose to buy your textbooks.

Where can I get my textbooks?

NOTE: In addition to the various required and recommended textbooks, Goldfarb instructors may require supplemental materials such as case studies, workbooks, and CDs/DVDs for some courses. Please see below the list of possible publishers and ways to obtain your textbooks.

Elsevier: Most of your required and recommended textbooks can be purchased online directly from the publisher. Elsevier. If not already discounted, Individual books may be discounted 25% off the suggested Retail Price with the use of this code (Goldfarb's promotion code 92637) with free shipping/handling on print materials.

  • Lipincott Publishing: Lipincott 

    The code gets free shipping and 30% off when purchased from The discount code is:  WZP37LFD

  • Oxford Press: Oxford Press
  • FA Davis: FA Davis - All products will be discounted 20% with the use of this code (Goldfarb's promotion code 82S2QTCC) with free shipping/handling on print materials.
  • Jones and Bartlet: Jones and Bartlett
  • Rental: Individual books may be rented from a variety of online retailers. Various sites include Textbook rentalsValoreChegg, etc.
  • Online and retail stores: Amazon and  Barnes & Noble. See Note above.
  • Used books from bookstores, family, and friends:
  • See Note above.
  • When purchasing materials that use an access code, confirm the code has not already been used.
  • When purchasing materials that are a different edition than required for the applicable term, consult your instructor to determine the impact this may have on your success in the course.

These websites are are only used as examples. GSON does not endorse or have any contractual agreement with any retailer listed above.


GSON textbook questions: Please review the second to last FAQ or e-mail

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