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FAQ - CRNA Program

I completed my undergraduate nursing program as soon as I graduated from high school and my grades were not as good as I had hoped. If my GPA is borderline or just below the 3.0 required, will I be considered as an applicant? What can I do to raise my GPA?

Applying to the Nurse Anesthesia Program requires that the applicant have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. If the minimum cumulative GPA is below 3.0, the applicant will not be considered for admission. The College may provide 10 year forgiveness for cumulative GPA calculation. However, if a student has not completed any coursework in the last 10 years, he/she will need to complete a minimum of 9 credit hours of prerequisite coursework at the appropriate GPA to meet program/option requirements. An applicant can raise the GPA by retaking courses to improve a grade or taking additional courses and receiving higher grades. A new GPA will then be re-calculated from both new and previous transcripts. However, raising a GPA is a slow process -- the more hours of course work taken, the slower the process.

Updated: 12/2018

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