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FAQ - CRNA Program

How does the admission process for the Nurse Anesthesia Program work?Your information states that prerequisite coursework must ideally be completed prior to the application deadline. If I do not have the prerequisite courses completed by this deadline, does that completely rule me out for the upcoming class or can something be worked out to have it completed by the time I am accepted or prior to starting the program?How competitive is the program (how many applicants vs. number admitted)?I am interested in applying to the Nurse Anesthesia Program. I have a Master’s Degree (or a DNP). Would I be able to transition into the CRNA Program?Do you use the GPA from my bachelor’s program or a cumulative GPA?What format should be used for reference letters?Am I required to have one year of ICU experience when/before I apply?Does OR, PACU or ER experience count as critical care experience, or does it have to be ICU?Is neonatal or pediatric ICU experience acceptable for the one year ICU experience requirement?Do you prefer the letters of recommendation and transcripts to be mailed all together with the application packet, or would you prefer them to be sent directly to you from the schools attended and supervisors who will be writing the letters?How does the application process differ for International students?I completed my undergraduate nursing program as soon as I graduated from high school and my grades were not as good as I had hoped. If my GPA is borderline or just below the 3.0 required, will I be considered as an applicant? What can I do to raise my GPA?What can I do to make my application more competitive?Are any courses in the program offered on-line?Can I attend the program part-time?Which is preferred, Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry?What type of Physics do I need to take as a prerequisite?Are labs required for the prerequisite undergraduate Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry or Physics courses?What is your accreditation status?What is the estimated cost to attend the Nurse Anesthesia Program?Do you require the GRE or GMAT?Are there time limits on prerequisite coursework?Do you require the applicants to have a shadowing experience in the OR with a CRNA?What is a typical day for a nurse anesthesia student?I understand that the demand on students during the program is so high that they are unable to work while in the program. Is working part-time forbidden?If I attend your program, do I need to travel for my clinical experience?Once I complete the nurse anesthesia program, where can I find a job as a CRNA?
Updated: 01/2022

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