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Admissions Requirements

The ideal students for this program will have excellent critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills. They will have experience in and a passion for nursing and for research with a career goal of becoming a nurse scientist. They will have a demonstrated ability to produce scholarly work at a level appropriate for their career or educational stage prior to entering the program. Relevant work experiences accrued as a non-student especially in nursing are also greatly valued. We will consider the match between a student’s interests and the availability of a suitable group of faculty mentors to work with him or her. To judge these traits, the following information and indicators in a student’s application will be considered.

  • Clear articulation of research interests related to a particular nursing science problem, challenge or opportunity both in written form and during interviews. An explanation of how research could enhance both nursing science and practice in terms of understanding, solutions and/or methods.
  • Quality and relevance of prior work experiences with an emphasis on specific skills and competencies the applicant acquired.
  • Strength, enthusiasm and specificity of letters of recommendation from faculty and supervisors who closely oversaw the applicant’s learning, work and/or professional development.
  • Performance in prior undergraduate and/or graduate course work, with emphasis placed on the sciences and a rigorous course work plan with particular relevance to nursing.
  • Standardized test scores (GRE) with particular emphasis on the verbal and quantitative sections and writing analysis percentile.
  • Record of participation in research activities and contributor to research teams.
  • Record of scholarship including publications as lead or co-author in peer reviewed scientific journals and presentations at national scientific meetings.

To apply, click on the "Start my application" button below and be linked to the Graduate School at Washington University's online application.


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