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Mission, Vision and Values


We prepare exceptional nurse leaders in an academic learner-centered environment.


1. Provide a student-centered educational environment that respects and values the diversity of all persons and fosters life-long learning.

2. Educate learners within a rigorous, evidence-based curriculum designed to advance nursing knowledge and ultimately enhance health-related outcomes.

3. Promote interprofessional education for collaborative practice within the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education Center at Washington University Campus and our larger community.

4. Facilitate the development of nurses who provide safe, competent, compassionate, culturally appropriate, and ethical care throughout the continuum of care.

5. Develop professional nurses who will assume leadership to improve healthcare outcomes in their communities.

6. Develop professional nurses who influence global healthcare and understand the social determinants of health and health care policies that may impact the provision of care.

7. Promote the use of technology to foster skills that enhance patient safety; provide access to information for clinical decision-making for improved outcomes.

8. Engage in the development, implementation and dissemination of research to improve professional practice, patient outcomes, and advance nursing practice.


To be a national academic leader in nursing education, research and scholarship.

Core Values

The four core values of Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College represent our highest aspirations for institutional identity, impact and routine interactional conduct.

We are one community, working together to deliver our best strengths for advancing, serving and sustaining health care work and success.

Caring Ways
We deliver, discover, teach, establish, sustain and support healing and restorative pathways, for both the community and all of us.

Mutual Respect
We hold each other in highest mutual regard, honoring our diverse gifts, to promote healthy engagement and exchange.

We are authorized, prepared and positioned to deliver our best thinking, skills, energy and contributions for our mission success and impact.


To achieve its mission, Barnes-Jewish College is committed to:

  • Provide a learning-centered educational environment which respects and values the diversity of all persons.
  • Advance and disseminate knowledge to continuously improve nursing education, nursing practice and patient care outcomes.
  • Promote intra/inter-professional education for collaborative practice.
  • Facilitate the development of nurses who, within their scope of practice, provide safe, compassionate, ethical care in diverse communities.
  • Foster lifelong learning and reflective, professional practice.
  • Develop professional nurses to assume leadership and advanced practice roles to improve healthcare in their communities.
  • Improve the provision of nursing through evidence-based practice that incorporates best evidence, professional expertise and patient and family values.
  • Accountable use of technology in education and practice to promote skills, patient safety, improved outcomes and access to information for clinical decision-making.
  • Influence global healthcare through developing professional nurses who understand the social, political and economic forces impacting the provision of care, and who actively participate in efforts to improve health care policy.

Ethics Statement

Barnes-Jewish College makes every effort to insure the following:

  • An environment in which students, faculty, staff and administration are accepted for their own worth and dignity;
  • Active support of scholarly endeavors that contribute to excellence in clinical practice and education;
  • Compliance with discipline specific ethical codes and practice standards and to the BJC HealthCare Code of Conduct.

Members of the Barnes-Jewish College community – students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni – share in the responsibility to support the College’s mission as an institution of higher education. Each member is expected to respect the purposes of the College, the goals of its programs and the views of its members.

The College community is governed by what ought to be rather than by what is. Each member is responsible for repudiating all forms of academic and intellectual dishonesty, treating each other with respect and dignity and acting with concern for the safety and well-being of all.

Inquiry, discourse and dissent within the ordered academic environment are key elements within the College. The Barnes-Jewish College community is supportive of democratic and lawful procedures, is dedicated to the use of problem-solving approaches, is open to change and is committed to the institution’s historical values and traditions.

Mission and Goals: Revised and approved by Board in 6/2018
Vision: Revised and approved by Board in 7/2019
Core Vales: Approved in 10/2016

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