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FAQ - Textbooks

Q: Some textbooks are "required" and some textbooks are "recommended".  What does this mean?
A: Required: Faculty believes these textbooks are necessary for a student’s success. Recommended: Faculty believes these textbooks will help a student succeed, but are an optional resource. Recommended textbooks may contain additional information or present information in a different way. 

Q: What textbooks are required and recommended for my courses?
A: See the ISBN List at: FALL 2014 ISBN LIST 

Q: The ISBN List identifies whether each listed book is part of a “bundle”.  What is a bundle?
A1: Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College has partnered with Elsevier*, the publisher of many of the textbooks used at GSON, to create packages of Elsevier-published required course materials called bundles. They include:  
• required textbooks, and
• required supplemental materials such as case studies, workbooks, and CDs/DVDs.
* Goldfarb derives no financial benefit from this partnership.

A2: Bundles are available for Accelerated (ACC) and Upper Division (UD) programs only since they follow a cohort model.  The following bundles are offered:

ACC1   E-books (Lecture; Excludes Clinical)   ACC1 E-bundle-Fall 2014 
  Print + E-books (Lecture; Excludes Clinical)  ACC1 P+E-bundle-Fall 2014
  Clinical print + E-books** ACC1 Clinical P+E-bundle-Fall 2014  
ACC2 E-books ACC2 E-bundle-Fall 2014
  Print + E-books ACC2 P+E-bundle-Fall 2014
ACC3 E-books  ACC3 E-bundle-Fall 2014
  Print + E-books ACC3 P+E-bundle-Fall 2014
UD1 E-books (Lecture; Excludes Clinical)  UD1 E-bundle-Fall 2014
  Print + E-books (Lecture; Excludes Clinical) UD1 P+E-bundle-Fall 2014
  Clinical Print + E-books**  UD1 Clinical P+E-bundle-Fall 2014
UD2  E-books UD2 E-bundle-Fall 2014
  Print + E-books UD2 P+E-bundle-Fall 2014
UD3 E-books UD3 E-bundle-Fall 2014
  Print + E-books  UD3 P+E-bundle-Fall 2014
UD4  E-books UD4 E-bundle -Fall 2014
  Print + E-books UD4 P+E-bundle-Fall 2014

** Lecture bundle + Clinical bundle cannot be purchased in the same transaction. Students should complete two separate transactions on Elsevier’s website.

• The benefits of buying a bundle over individual books include ease of purchase and reduced cost.
• Bundles contain Elsevier-published required course materials; Elsevier does not offer textbooks from other publishers. Occasionally a required textbook is not published by Elsevier and therefore not included in a bundle.

Q: Some textbooks are offered as “e-books” and some are offered as “print”.  What does this mean?
A: E-book is an electronic book. Initial access to the book’s content is via a web browser and hardware such as a desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone allowing words or terms to be electronically “searched”. Most content can be saved to the hardware allowing the user to:  access it directly including while traveling (if saved to a remote device), highlight content, add personal notes, and save highlighting and notes. Print is a hard-copy book. Some print books also include an electronic component. 
Review the publisher’s software and hardware requirements when making a decision on textbook format. Elsevier’s technical requirements are included at the end of these FAQs. 

Q: Where can I get my textbooks?
A: NOTE: Goldfarb instructors require supplemental materials such as case studies, workbooks, and CDs/DVDs for some courses. Supplemental materials are only available from Elsevier. They are available as part of the applicable term's bundle or as a loose item (not discounted). If you are considering purchasing individual required textbooks from any source, consider the additional cost of required supplemental materials.
Elsevier: Bundles and individual books can be purchased online directly from Elsevier.  Bundles are available at substantial savings (no promotion code needed).  Individual books are discounted 25% off the suggested Retail Price (Goldfarb's promotion code 92637 is required) with free shipping/handling on print materials. To order or comparison shop, log in to Elsevier’s site at: [A bundle +  individual books cannot be purchased in the same transaction. Students should complete two separate transactions on Elsevier’s website.]
Online and retail stores:  See NOTE above.
Used books from bookstores, family, and friends:  
• See NOTE above.
• When purchasing materials that use an access code, confirm the code has not already been used.
• When purchasing materials that are a different edition than required for the applicable term,
   consult your instructor to determine the impact this may have on your success in the course.

Q: Are book vouchers available?
A: Students whose anticipated financial aid is in excess of their charges may request an Elsevier book voucher from Goldfarb's business office. Book vouchers are available for bundles only.
• A book voucher (a/k/a Elsevier Unified Access Code) is a code redeemable by a student on the Elsevier website for one bundle including Sales Tax. Upon issuance of a book voucher, Goldfarb's business office will post a charge to the student’s Goldfarb account. When the student’s financial aid is disbursed to their Goldfarb account, the aid will be applied to their book voucher charge before calculating a refund.
• Elsevier will bill Goldfarb for redeemed book vouchers. Book vouchers will expire if not used. Upon expiration, Goldfarb will reverse the book voucher charge from the student’s Goldfarb account.

Q: Who should I contact for questions regarding: 
A: Please contact the following people, depending on your needs:
• ISBN List:  Karen Hyman, Goldfarb Library, 314-362-1699
• Course-specific materials:  Course information is available on Blackboard two weeks prior to the start 
           of the term including syllabi, course materials, and Instructor. 
           [Blackboard --> My Courses --> specific course --> Start Here link]
• Elsevier Customer Service and Technical Support:  1-800-222-9570
• Obtaining an Elsevier book voucher: Sue Mersch, 314-454-8619 or

Q: What is Pageburst on VitalSource, and what are the technical requirements?
A:  1) What is Pageburst?
• Pageburst is Elsevier’s brand of e-book for health professions.
     2) What is Pageburst on VitalSource?
• Pageburst on VitalSource features a flexible text display that adjusts and reformats to fit various 
           screen sizes, from a large desktop monitor to a smartphone.
     3) How do I access the content of a Pageburst e-book?
• After purchasing Pageburst e-books online at, your Elsevier Evolve account 
          will immediately display your Pageburst e-books in the “My Evolve” tab.
     4) What are the Pageburst on VitalSource technical requirements?
Online Browser Requirements
  Active Internet connection
  Google Chrome 32/33
  Firefox 27/28
  Internet Explorer 9/10/11
  Safari 6/7
  Latest Mac Version: 6.5.0
  Post Date: 4/28/2014
  File Size (Mac): 29.5 MB
  System Requirements:
o Mac OS X 10.6 or later
o Internet connection for registration and downloading of eTextbook.
  Latest Windows Version: 6.5.0
  Post Date: 4/28/2014
  File Size (PC): 93.3 MB
  System Requirements:
o Windows 7/8/8.1 (32/64 bit)
o Microsoft .Net 4.5
o DirectX 10 compatible graphics card
o Internet connection for registration and downloading of eTextbook.
Bookshelf for iOS
  Latest Version of Bookshelf for iOS: 2.5
  Post Date: 1/30/2014
  File Size (iOS): 25.6 MB
  System Requirements:
o iOS 6.0 and greater
o Internet connection for registration and downloading of eTextbook.
  Latest Android Version: 2.0.1
  Post Date: 3/10/2014
  File Size: 15 MB
  System Requirements:
o Android 2.2-4.4
o Access to the Google Play Store
o Internet connection for registration and downloading of eTextbook.
Kindle Fire
  Latest Kindle Fire Version: 2.0.1
  Post Date: 3/10/2014
  File Size: 15 MB
  System Requirements:
o Kindle Fire 1,2,HD, or HDX model
o Access to the Kindle Fire App Store
o Internet connection for registration and downloading of eTextbook.

GSON textbook questions:  Please review the second to last FAQ or e-mail