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FAQ - Talent Plus Assessment

Q: What is Talent Plus?

A: Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College is the first nursing school in the United States to engage Talent Plus in identifying the talent and strengths of incoming students who share our passion for distinction in patient care.  At Goldfarb we recognize there are softer, less quantifiable, aspects of a person’s character and personality that contributes to success both here and generally in the world of healthcare.  Along with academic aptitude, possessing the characteristics of a top performer in nursing is a required component for success within our nursing programs. 

In an effort to accurately identify those characteristics of a top performer in nursing, Goldfarb School of Nursing has partnered with Talent Plus to develop a scientifically validated methodology for assessing an applicant’s performance within our undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.  As a part of the admissions process, all applicants must participate in an online Talent Plus assessment that takes 30-40 minutes.  No preparation on the applicant’s part is necessary.  These characteristics are oftentimes difficult to identify through the traditional application process. 

The results from this tool are evaluated, in conjunction with the entirety of the applicant’s application packet, exclusively by the Goldfarb School of Nursing Admissions Department.  Talent Plus has no role in the evaluation or selection process of applicants to Goldfarb.

Every applicant will receive results that are personalized to their own strengths – something that will provide them with valid and reliable insight, comparing their characteristics to top performing nurses in a variety of settings. 

Talent Plus is considered the industry leader in human resource management and for the past 40 years has worked with clients such as UCLA Medical Center, various non-profit organizations, as well as numerous U.S. Federal Government entities.