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FAQ - Admissions

Q: How long are your pre-licensure BSN programs?
A: Our BSN Accelerated program is a 12-month, three-term program. Our BSN Upper Division program is a 20-month, five-term program.

Q: Do you offer a part-time or an evening/weekend pre-licensure BSN program?
A: Our BSN programs are only available on a full-time basis.  Classes are scheduled during the weekdays.  However, clinicals may be scheduled by the College any day or evening, depending on site availability. It is recommended that students not work more than part-time while enrolled in our BSN Upper Division program. It is also recommended that students not work a job at all while enrolled in our BSN Accelerated program.

Q: Do all of the pre-requisite classes need to be completed before I can submit my application?
A: No, applicants can submit their application prior to the completion of all pre-requisite classes.  As long as the applicant has completed a minimum of 9 college credit hours and meets the minimum GPA requirement, the applicant can start the application process.  However, all prerequisites must be completed prior to your start date.

Q: Are there any time limits on any of your prerequisite courses?
A: Applicants must have taken Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Microbiology within the past 5 years.  We do not have a time limit for the other prerequisite courses.

Q: When should I submit my application? 
A: We do not enforce deadlines for many of our nursing programs.  However, we recommend that applicants submit their applications at least 18 months prior to the term they are hoping to start for the Upper Division BSN program or for the Accelerated BSN program, at least 12 months prior to the term they are hoping to start in the Online RN to BSN program and for the MSN Nurse Educator program, MSN Nurse Executive program and the MSN Adult Nurse Practitioner program. We accept applications as long as we still have space available in our class or on the waiting list.  

The only deadlines that we strictly enforce are for the following programs:
MSN Nurse Anesthetist - September 15 for the following year’s Fall entry
MSN Acute Care Nurse Practitioner = March 1 for Summer entry only
DNP/PhD = June 15 for Fall entry only

Q: After I submit the online application, do I need to mail any additional paperwork?
A: Yes.  Right after you submit your online application, you will be brought to a page that will include a link to a “Signature Page”.  You must print out this page, complete any additional questions on this page, sign and mail it to the Admissions Office with a check or money order for $50 to cover the application fee.

Q: I have a photo copy of my college transcript. Can I submit that as an "Official" transcript"?
A: No, we will only accept a college transcript that arrives in our office in the original sealed envelope from the college.  We will also accept Electronic Transcripts as long as the link to the transcript is e-mailed to us directly from the college and proper security measures are in place.

Q: If I took one class at "College X" and this credit appears on my current college's transcript, do I need to request an official transcript from "College X"?
A: Yes, we require an official transcript from all schools where the applicant has received any type of college credit.  Please list ALL colleges that you have received credit from on your online application, even if these courses were taken while in high school or the courses that you took were not prerequisite courses.  We do not require high school transcripts and we do not require an entrance exam.

Q: I took college credit while in high school.  Do I need to submit any record of those classes?
A: Yes.  You must have a transcript sent from the college where you received the college credit.

Q: I am an international applicant.  Am I required to submit a TOEFL score?
A: Applicants whose transfer credits and post-secondary degrees were earned in colleges or universities in which English is not the primary language are required to submit a passing TOEFL score.

Q: Once my application is completed, when will I hear about a decision on my application? 
A: Decisions are usually made within 4-6 weeks after all required application materials are received by the Admissions Office.

Q: What is Talent Plus?
A: Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College is the first nursing school in the United States to engage Talent Plus in identifying the talent and strengths of incoming students who share our passion for distinction in patient care.  At Goldfarb we recognize there are softer, less quantifiable, aspects of a person’s character and personality that contributes to success both here and generally in the world of healthcare.  Along with academic aptitude, possessing the characteristics of a top performer in nursing is a required component for success within our nursing programs. 

In an effort to accurately identify those characteristics of a top performer in nursing, Goldfarb School of Nursing has partnered with Talent Plus to develop a scientifically validated methodology for assessing an applicant’s performance within our undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.  As a part of the admissions process, all applicants must participate in an online Talent Plus assessment that takes 30-40 minutes.  No preparation on the applicant’s part is necessary.  These characteristics are oftentimes difficult to identify through the traditional application process. 

The results from this tool are evaluated, in conjunction with the entirety of the applicant’s application packet, exclusively by the Goldfarb School of Nursing Admissions Department.  Talent Plus has no role in the evaluation or selection process of applicants to Goldfarb.

Every applicant will receive results that are personalized to their own strengths – something that will provide them with valid and reliable insight, comparing their characteristics to top performing nurses in a variety of settings. 

Talent Plus is considered the industry leader in human resource management and for the past 40 years has worked with clients such as UCLA Medical Center, various non-profit organizations, as well as numerous U.S. Federal Government entities.